The level of maturity that is shown by the Larry shippers enhances how delusional and completely dreamy they are. They live in fantasy. At least, we have real proof Haylor was a thing. We don't feel the need to analyse touches and whatever things you analyse to feel better about your ship. Sorry about the rant. I saw your anons and I got mad.


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over two years later and we still get the most pointless messages lmao

Harry loves Louis.But how can someone really have Haylor feels?

the url was made like 2 years ago pal everyone said feels back then

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no,bitch haylor is the biggest load of bullshit

i believe youre misquoting louis’ tweet but ok

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going on this blog makes me angry because fUCK WHY CAN’T THEY STILL BE DATING THEY’D BE SO HOT

I guess you’re in New York today…


Haylor with cute furry things on their laps.

so you guys know how i have the photo of haylor framed on my wall right? i forget its there most of the time and when i go to take it down i get nostalgic and just leave it there. but anyway okay so everytime someone walks in my room the very first thing they notice is the photo and it just makes for an awkward situation for all of us. thats all.


Just promise that you won’t forget what we had